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            Core idea
            Corporate mission-create wealth, reflect value
            Enterprise purpose-to develop enterprises, benefit the society, affluent employees, and return shareholders
            Core Culture
            Core Culture: Wei Jiao SoulThe soul of Weijiao is the essence of the Weijiao culture, the soul of the Weijiao    
            Basic Idea
            Struggle concept-a generation must have a generation of actions, a generation must have a generation of dedication
            Execution concept-take into account the overall   
            Business Philosophy
            Development concept-create a harmonious enterprise and share development achievements
            Decision-making philosophy-what we make is the life of the enterprise   
            Source of Power
            In the process of operating an enterprise, we have summarized and refined some concepts that are more general and practical  As an integral part of Weijiao culture   
            Three Cornerstones
            Step by step, the mature Weijiao has accumulated both material and spiritual wealth through wind and rain, relying on the hard work and faith pursuit of several generations   
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